HALO Guides

Halo is not an easy game, but it’s not that complicated, too. If you want the best Halo gaming experience, no matter what player level you are already, it is best to look for reliable guides that can help you out. Here are some of our favorites.



IGN is a website that features relevant content related to movies, TV, and games, among others. It offers a guide to all Halo games. Apart from walkthroughs and FAQs, IGN also has cheats and codes, as well as tips for weapons management.



No, this is not Bungie the Halo developer. Halo.bungi.org is a fan-managed website dedicated to sharing information, tips, guides, and news about Halo. It is not like your typical online guide website because it also has content that focuses on concept art, fan fiction, and interviews. Likewise, it features Halo reviews and a forum that might be helpful to gamers.



Game Pressure features a comprehensive Halo game guide categorized into different sections. Apart from a walkthrough, it also offers clues on what to do to find weapons and ammo that can help gamers during encounters. Likewise, this site contains storyline missions, localization of all terminals, and enemy descriptions, among others.

Prima Games


Prima Games is a division of Penguin Random House Inc, which publishes strategy content for video games. It features guides and walkthroughs in convenient formats (pdf, ePub, videos, interactive maps). These are all compatible with consoles, the iPhone and iPad, and other devices. Also featured are cheats and codes databases. Its Halo coverage is extensive.

Cheat Code Central


This is your ultimate online haven for Halo guides, walkthroughs, and cheats. From Halo to Halo 5, whichever is your ideal game, Cheat Code Central has all you need to make your gaming experience more fun and memorable.